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Being a coffee lover, a day without it may seem like an unfulfilled day.

Sometimes in the stress of going to work or lessons, when a long journey awaits us, when we look out the window of the train contemplate the nature that surrounds us, it is one of the privileged moments of the day that should also be accompanied a good coffee.

I always wanted to have my own portable machine so I would not have to go to the supermarket or restaurant especially during my studies when I drank more than two to three coffees a day. However, the price of coffee remains significant, especially for a student purse and anyway have the privilege of a personal coffee machine always within reach of not being given to everyone.

Based on these findings, and seeing the few ergonomic or functional problems of existing machines, I decided to make a machine that can fire at least 3 hot coffees per battery recharge. For questions of practicality, it was better to use Nespresso capsule that can be found in the shops and a little water from its gourd or bottle of water does the trick.

Again, each project is a real functional research, I ran into several problems in particular in terms of volume and layout of each piece that composes my concept without talking about the energy feasibility. On the market, portable machines preparing hot coffees take about 5 minutes when the preparation is done using energy stored on battery.

In terms of use, it was necessary to rethink each movement step by step, to make the least possible movement by preparing coffees and to study the environments where it is possible to use this formidable machine.

Designed by Erkan Firat