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Design project in watch decoration. This concept is based on a personal experience where I encountered some ergonomics problems on the standard mechanical watches that I have worn so far.

The biggest problem is the following. When the fold of the handle, the top of the hand to the arm, the crown of the watch has a tendency to sink in the hand and this generates sensations unpleasant. That's why, for a bigger mechanical challenge, I decided to design a watch with the crown inside the case.

It is important to understand that this concept is not only aesthetic, it is functional. Indeed, for this project it was necessary to start from an existing movement and to design the parts that make up the whole watch, namely, everything that forms the case (the dial and the bezel, the glass, the horns, the crown ... ) and the display (the indexes, the needles ...) as well as the bracelet and the bottom.

The appearance of the object is inspired by a moodboard in the theme of the city of London.