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Living in Lausanne in Switzerland, I propose to integrate your teams to contribute to the development of your industrializable projects on a large or small scale. In your company, I can accompany you in the strategic decisions to be taken with regard to your product, those until the final realization of your work.

These projects can be in the field of robotics, watchmaking, machine tools, architecture in the building and more...

I introduce myself

Erkan Firat, graduated as an engineer in ergonomics and design at the "Haute Ecole Arc" of Neuchâtel in Switzerland, my training is more like that of an industrial designer, but with a vision going further.

The design of a product composing several factors, in my approach I always put the end user at the center of my thoughts. The ergonomics of use, the durability of the object as well as an aesthetic in which the holder of the product can identify, make the success of the object and sometimes brings it even at the stage of a symbol.


Below are some of my studies and creations that are all designed to be functional and achievable.

Playful Electric Pepper & Salt Shaker

23 September 2019
The pepper or hand salt shaker as we know them have been democratized by the famous Peugeot pepper mill and since the rise of electronics we find these compact electric mills that operate at the mere strength of a finger pressing a ...

Portable coffee machine

23 September 2019
Being a coffee lover, a day without it may seem like an unfulfilled day. Sometimes in the stress of going to work or classes, when a long journey awaits us, when we look out the window ...

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